The Azure Lorica Society

Azure Lorica Foundation has taken a step back, and became the Azure Lorica Society. The program meant well, but the results were not being met. The idea was to start public programs, like workshops and free classes, but since each city in LA County has different rules as to how these programs can be funded, Azure Lorica has decided that they’d rather put the program aside, and concentrate on a stronger and older program – making it an official operation, called, Azure Lorica Society.

With this, Azure Lorica will be opening doors to volunteers in a number of levels, ages, and activity, to better aid the community that wishes to participate in the background functions of the charity organization. Due to its opening, a possible internship program may be available to students, allowing professional level of hands on experience, with college credit to boot! Nothing official has been announced yet, but we’re all crossing our fingers to the potential prospect.

The program is said to build heirarchy to train volunteers up for a possible official title within the company, as a member of its Committees, if desired. Details will be posted soon at According to the Chairman, Eugene Cordell, “From here on out, Azure Lorica Society will be giving its volunteers the recognition they deserve, and the program our community needs.”

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