Starbucks vs Azure Lorica Foundation

Are you looking to volunteer with a nonprofit that encourages your artistic side? Do you feel a need to aid in social justice, but can’t afford to attend the next political protest? Then, perhaps, we have an answer for you.

Azure Lorica is openning their doors to the Azure Lorica Foundation, and inviting you to join them in their workshop, building their campaigns, and changing society – one production at a time. The Azure Lorica Foundation is the background inner workings of Azure Lorica – the nonprofit company itself. The Foundation was created to help students and other volunteers to build their resumes and gain hands-on experience in the creative field, whether that may be writing, performing, or producing live shows – Azure Lorica allows people of all ages to dip their feet in, before inviting them to the company, as official members (learn more @

To join, the Foundation is having an orientation at Starbucks:

8241 Foothill Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91040
Sept. 4th | Tuesday | 6pm-8pm

Azure Lorica recognizes that Starbucks’ LGBT inclusion policy allow their functions to work publicly, without discrimination, and welcome anyone that’s interested in their cause to become involved, with the ease of caffeine and equality during their meetings. Please be mindful that this meeting is not providing community service hours. For those interested in filling their required hours, please contact them via volunteermatch: learn more.

We look forward to having you join us soon, and in a safe environment where coffee is for everyone 🙂




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