You’re Invited To Azure Lorica FanFilm Awards

FanFilm Awards is a warm occasion. Though most film festivals have a sense of glitz and glam to present to the public, this ceremony relies on the love of it’s community. Unlike many geek festivals, FanFilm Awards is not held at a Convention. Though geek in theme, the screenings and award night are hosted, instead, at a restored 1930’s library and a restaurant furnished in ox blood arm chairs (ox blood is a color, not a fluid 😉) surrounded by red wood walls, and seated before a red brick indoor bonfire. Needless to say, Azure Lorica prefers the comfort of their guests, rather than another “LineCon”.

For four years, FanFilm Awards had moved between Downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena. They began as a Ninja-Con event, tucked away at the fourth floor, where only one production group were able to attend, and screen their film and obtain their award – late after the whole convention had ended, and the staff afterparty had begun. It was, regretfully, ill prepared.

Since then, Azure Lorica has made it a priority to build up FanFilm Awards, and match the warmness of the type of attendees it had met on its world premiere. Unlike “Otaku” geeks, FanFilmmakers are not just fanboys and gamergirls that enjoy the parade of hype, they’re actual filmmakers. You know, artists that spend their own money to share in the community for the art of filmmaking? They tend to be more calm and composed, and aim for recognition over their work, rather than their collection of parafanalia. Not to say that we do not appreciate parafanalia – the Board of Azure Lorica are proud Mudbloods themselves.

It took a couple of years, but FanFilm Awards has solidified itself as a Pasadena tradition, and have since been building its international community. Filmmakers from New York, Paris, and England have travelled to the award ceremony, some representing other entrants from Brazil, Korea, and farther – all to be part of a community that love and respect the art of FanFilms for one week.

Today, Azure Lorica is preparing for the beginning of FanFilm Awards’ online festival – a season of watching FanFilms online, voting for your favorite films, and catching the filmmakers for interviews and reviews. The event premieres with the live reading of 2018’s winning script:

This Is Tumblr, Charlie Brown, by Bryan Balazar
Donald R. Wright Auditorium, Pasadena Central Library
285 E. Walnut St., Pasadena, CA 91101
Oct. 6 | Saturday | 9:30am-12pm


Join us for the free event, and the meet-and-greet among Azure Lorica volunteers, Artists/Filmmakers, and Committee members. We will be serving Daydreamer Tea, hot and cold, customly blended and dedicated by our Sponsor, Tea Spectral – visit them @



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