Let the good times roll!

150682_10151985775401677_1626551772_nHave we got a show just for you!

In our effort to raise funds for Ninja-Con, we are premiering multiple “Big Laughs in Little Tokyo” stand up comedy shows at the Miyako Hotel! Hosted by DBoy, these geek comedians bring in the funny, inviting the community of anime and animal lovers to join us for our campaign to build up our Convention up to top speed. For those that have yet been in the loop, Azure Lorica is holding a small anime convention at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center (JACCC) called Ninja-Con. This event is to aid the Wildlife Waystation in raising it’s annual fund of $250,000 through a community involved festival with independent artists and small businesses supporting the cause — using the proceeds for the common good of the wildlife.

To get people involved with this collaborative charity, we’re bringing a monthly show to Little Tokyo, and giving everyone a taste of what we’re about, and where. The area of the event is in Downtown Los Angeles, with the support of the local businesses, we’re able to give our attendees a wonderful tour of the city, and put their money to good use. These shows are one of many to come, so please subscribe and visit: www.ninja-conla.org

A calendar of events is available, with details of the upcoming shows and Ninja-Con’s updated world premiere: facebook.com/AzureLorica/events

Join us for Big Laughs in Little Tokyo
March 9, 2013 | 7:30PM
Miyako Hotel, Little Tokyo/LA




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