Come to Pasadena’s Park After Dark

This coming Saturday, we are holding a free event at Villa Parke Community Center, in Pasadena. We’ve already started with rehearsals, and are soon to be ready to give families the entertainment they deserve: Alice in Wonderland!

The show will be held during the community event: Parks After Dark, where Villa Parke and Robertsons Park will be giving the neighborhoods of Pasadena live shows, screenings, and other fun filled activities for people of all ages to enjoy the summer…after dark. Azure Lorica will be performing 7:30pm at the main Auditorium of Villa Parke, and to make the experience easier for the kids to enjoy the rest of the park events, we will be doing a storytime version of selected chapters from the original book of Alice in Wonderland.

For more info, visit:

We hope everyone can make it to our show, as we will be continuing with a variety of live events this summer, including Monologues and the return of Captain Clay and the Treasure of  the Pacific! Please subscribe to get the latest news, and encourage your friends to do the same. Come to our show, and help our charity continue.

The public deserves Culture and Arts, and what better way to do it, but with free live entertainment for all! Support our cause, and donate today:



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