The World Premiere of Captain Clay!

You’re invited to the World Premiere of

Azure Lorica presents this One Act Children’s Play – April 6-8, 2012 | 7pm
FREE to students (K-12)!

Directed by Stefanie Warner

Sail through the skies aboard the Airship! Join Jim O’Shea, as he unites with Captain Abel Clay and his colorful crew, and take on wild storms and the mysterious past of the Iron Goose. There will be adventure awaiting, betrayal, and a very confused map keeper with an attention span of a six year old, and a dreadful sense of direction…

Captain Clay and the Treasure of the Pacific is a silly comedy that will keep kids laughing in their seats, and bring the family together through the beauty and fantasy of Family Theatre!

General Admission – $12
Students/Seniors – $10
Students (K-12) – FREE

FREE PARKING after 6pm – street parking and parking lot | Handicap Access Available



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