Pasadena’s Best Night!

by Eugene Docena, Corp. Secretary

photography by Victor Picena

On a moonlit night, streaming with jazz, in the deciphering shapes and colors and accents that blend Pasadena as a shining glimmer to the ardent culture of multi-cultures that opened their gates to exhaust travelers from nearby cities, to enjoy art, as it were, reopened for another day of the annual Art Night!

Yes, you heard me – Art Night in Pasadena. One day of art, music, and performances in six areas of the city, and with all providing food, drinks, and lots of interesting people.

I was fortunate to have caught it this year, Friday the 20th, as Azure Lorica made it their mission to meet the minds and hands of the community of Pasadena, in their Non Profit work for the city. It was a delight to talk to teachers and travelers, sharing their work with the public – showcasing the beauty of the past, present, and what continues to be our future. There are so much we are to be grateful for, as many of us don’t realize how good we all have it, and I would never wish for the day it may ever go away.

Long ago, when the high class ruled society, art was only for the rich! When libraries and institutions were created, the lower class were able to enjoy the luxury of education. Culture soon progressed thanks to it, and with the contributions of art collectors, Museums and Galleries became open to the public, sometimes without charge! And on May 20, 2011 the Museums were just that – FREE!

We began at the Armory Center for the Arts, where Victor (Volunteer), Stefanie (CEO) and I parked, and enjoyed the Susan and Cadwell Gallery, featuring John M. White [Lifelines: A Retrospective Exhibition of Performance, Installation, 

Sculpture, Painting, and Drawing], a significant contributor to California art. For four decades this Artist had focused on three forms of media: Performing arts, installations, and painting/drawing. His work is mainly autobiographical, giving us the visual of his experiences, encapsulating pieces of his life in art. The man is practically a walking journal, and we had the

honor in standing before each page and chapter of sand filled turf with weapons and junk, landed in auspicious areas from the mines, 6″ multimedia paintings, and various collections that reflected his family, psychotherapy practices, and other interests that brought out his work to life.

And just before the first floor had been covered, we climbed the staircase to the second floor, leaning against the balcony to not only witness the featured gallery, but the classroom where the students worked. Children come here, the youth are admitted to the Armory Center for the Arts, and their work was showcased on the second floor! The pleasure was ours when we, as a group, were able to mosey through the halls of painting, craft work, and many other medias that gave us Pasadena’s most beautiful talents, hung on the wall, placed upon a level, and displayed for our wandering eyes-intrigued.

We met the teachers in the Armory Center for the Arts, asking questions, advancing with interest, poignant with the success of their work. We gain valuable information, with much of in need of further report. And just as we ended our conversation, we came to notice how the crowds were packing in. We left the Center, and found Shuttles and Trucks parking before the establishment: Shuttles for free transportation to all of the six areas of Art Night, and Trucks for the hungry folks staying on foot. Our feet had needn’t to retire, so we tried yet another Californian showcase, a Food Truck – CoolHaus: gourmet, hand-made ice cream sammies. Mmm-mmm!

[to be continued…]


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