More Crammed Than a Can of Sardines

But thankfully, it’s far from smelling as bad.

This past week at Azure Lorica was jam packed with work, more work, and a little bit of Renaissance Fair. Azure Lorica kicked off this week with our delicious and successful fundraiser at Pasta Pomodoro.

photo by Kyle Niitsuma

We got to meet many of our volunteers and mingled with friends of the company as well as the public. I’d like to personally thank everyone for coming to our fundraiser, and I hope to see you guys at Elephant Bar this coming June.

The next day, the board of Azure Lorica had an impromptu meeting with a saturation of Pad Thai and other fine Thai foods at Glendale. We discussed many things, including our big event for this season — our workshop at Anime Expo. We’re all very excited for this upcoming event, myself especially since I have never, ever gone to an Anime convention. Let me emphasize this. Never.

We decided to go for a triple-play and ended a three day streak of Azure Lorica shenanigans with Renaissance Fair. Continuing with the trend of “firsts,” this also was my first Renaissance Fair and I was disappointed with the lack of mutton. However, the many shows, interesting shops and colorful characters that comprised the fair made up for it. I want to give a shout-out to everyone in that fair that makes it possible every year. It takes dedication.

Finally, we had our volunteer workshop yesterday at the Hill Avenue Branch Library. In the end, we ended up using our remaining time in order to practice for our workshop at Anime Expo. I can tell you that you guys will love it, and it will be a useful workshop so I expect to see all of you there!

Today, we’re having an interview with Tina Tsai, PhD., founder of the Literacy Guild. We hope to start a partnership with her organization in order to broaden our respective organizations’ bounds so that we may more effectively serve the community.

Keep posted for my weekly blurbs as well as other news articles from our in-house writers. Cheers!



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